Typologic Kinetic Generator

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Typologic Kinetic Generator

Logic Design Studio
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Typologic Kinetic Generator it is a script that creates random kinetic type layouts based on many parameters entered into the control panel. It allows you to quickly generate the text, creates a layout (that can be manually adjusted), and animates it as well. It also creates a camera that moves between each word. It will save your time, no keyframes and completely customizable. It's the fastest, easiest way to create kinetic typography. Typologic Kinetic Generator can make your presentation more beautiful and interesting.

  • Creates random kinetic type layouts
  • No keyframes, only expressions
  • The markers are dynamically linked to the controllers and the camera, slide the markers and the timing will adjust along with it
  • Creates a parented camera that points to each successive word
  • Controller for camera zoom for each word
  • Manual adjustments are easily made to many properties (position, color and more)
  • Many text effects (scale, fade, typewriter, slide and more)
  • Combinations up to 5 color
  • ASE files (Kuler color palettes) are easily imported
  • Choose the fonts that will be used
  • Random font size or constant size
  • Font settings: caps, no caps, random word caps
  • Camera movement: Move and Stop, Constant Move
  • Choose your safe space for camera
  • And more...

Typologic Kinetic Generator includes

  • 1 JSXBIN file
  • 20 ASE files (color palletes)
  • PDF file with instructions

Works with

After Effect CS4, CS5, CS 5.5, CS6, CC, CC2014, CC2015 (Windows and Mac)

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